Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18- breakfast (and catch up)

What a fantastic weekend!  Friday afternoon, Candy, Aaron, and I drove to SC for Landsford Canal 50k.  The road trip was a blast, complete with boiled peanuts and a Cheerwine slushie!  Dinner was at a local italian place where we shared calamari and a bottle of wine, and I had the Greek spaghetti (noodles, chicken, feta, olive oil).  Pre-race breakfast was a piece of banana bread, some eggs and sausage, and coffee.  I didn't eat much during the race:  a handful of goldfish (they were spicy ugh), some orange slices (the candy, not the real thing), lots of grapes, three powerades, and a mountain dew.  Post-race was half a hamburger, some salad, and some bread at Longhorn (I never can eat much right after), but later that night I ordered Chinese food (szechuan shrimp yum!). Yesterday had leftovers for breakfast, some BBQ and potato salad at Tonya's pool, and then dinner with Jeff at Buckhead Diner where I got the blue plate special (fried chicken and mac and cheese), and we shared some bleu cheese chips - DELISH!!

Back to posting pics today!  Egg beaters, rf cheddar, turkey sausage on a ww wrap.

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