Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14- lunch

I had packed a nice healthy lunch for today, but my boss took us out for a "working" lunch.  We actually got a lot accomplished during lunch, but now I'm worthless. 

We went to Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft which was delicious.  That's twice for Asian food this week, I guess three times if you count what I ate for dinner last night!

We had a small plate of Thap Kai (grilled chicken livers) first.  I'm not a chicken liver fan, but I tried one and it was ok.  I'm still not a chicken liver fan!

We all got the lunch box special, which came in a cool little stacked container (the picture below is them unstacked and from the website - again, I didn't want to take a pic in front of my boss and be a weirdo).  Even tho the portions were small, it was still a big lunch.

The special today was veggie soup, jasmine rice, red curry beef, and pork with basil and I ate every bit of it.  Food coma now!  But good fuel for my 50k on Saturday.

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